Prefab Micro Office Design, Los Angeles

Architects Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice from the Los Angeles Knowhow Shop studio designed and built a prefab micro office in line with contemporary work relationships. In addition to having a compact size - about 14 m² in area - the structure made with material used in boat building works on wheels, so it can be easily transported to other places as needed.

Dubbed the "Lighthouse", the compact office has a large door and skylights that allow plenty of natural light to enter. "We were surprised by the difference in perceived space from the outside to the inside," say the architects, referring to the cozy inner area, with work benches and book shelves.

The pair studied widely different disciplines to arrive at the best result, giving rise to a new form of architecture. So the professionals bet on materials used in the construction of boats, technology of solar ceilings of automobiles and structural insulation panels fabricated and bevelled together with the hardware of the film industry.