Maxwell - One and Two Story Prefab Cabins by Cabin Fever

Two Story Prefab Cabins by Cabin Fever

A small prefab, The Maxwell Prefab Cabin, can be used as an additional room, a studio, a place for relaxing at the poolside or lakeside. Maybe because of a Japanese influence to this cabin, it has sturdy but exquisite design.

A unique META Floor SystemT is a base structure of the Maxwell Prefab Cabin. The construction consists from the durable southern yellow pine paneling, insulated PGT windows, 3 pre-assembled wall sections, a curving roof line, exposed beams interior and a pine roof deck.

A 16 feet X 20 feet cabin is the most popular size of Maxwell Prefab Cabin. It will cost $32 500. But if you want a bit smaller cabin, there is a 12 feet X 16 feet mid-size cabin. Its price lower and it is only $19 500.

Prefab Method Cabin by Method Homes

The Method Cabin is a prefab, modular home, which has 3 sustainable models with configurations and sizes to client’s taste.

Method Homes have sustainable construction and design, so the construction waste is reduced to about 10% of used materials. For example, site-built construction has 30% of waste.

Though building in a short space of time, the prefab cabin’s quality is very high. And these cabins are built in a clean and controlled environment factory.

After making of the prefab cabin in a factory, it already has 90% of all plumbing, insulation, electrical, sheetrock, heating, tile, cabinets, painting, counter tops, sinks, toilets and trim; all parts of construction can be delivered by truck and can be craned on the site.

Installing of this modular prefab cabin will take one more day. And you will be a lucky owner of gorgeous prefab home after about 3 months.

Model 1 comes with a 3 bedroom, 5 module prefab home; model 2 offers a 1 Bedroom, 3 module home; and model 3 has 1 bedroom, 1 module prefabricated home.

Joshua Tree Prefab Cabin by Hangar Design Group

An amazing Joshua Tree Prefab Cabin is created by Italian architects Hangar Prefab. The mountain retreat home is perfect for spending time with family or friends. Such prefab is transportable; it can be constructed in the beautiful highlands of alpine or even on a bare rock. So, the location can be easily changed.

The exterior combination of titanium, steel, zinc roof, metal coating and the natural wooden slats interior looks balanced and makes dwelling warmer and more spacious. Through the windows you can enjoy the extremely picturesque scenery.

This prefab home at 34 square meters can house 3-4 people. It has a kitchen, living room, a corridor that leads to a twin bedroom, one double bedroom, a shared shower.

Architectural project was designed for Pircher Oberland, leader company in wood prefab.