Maxwell - One and Two Story Prefab Cabins by Cabin Fever

Two Story Prefab Cabins by Cabin Fever

A small prefab, The Maxwell Prefab Cabin, can be used as an additional room, a studio, a place for relaxing at the poolside or lakeside. Maybe because of a Japanese influence to this cabin, it has sturdy but exquisite design.

A unique META Floor SystemT is a base structure of the Maxwell Prefab Cabin. The construction consists from the durable southern yellow pine paneling, insulated PGT windows, 3 pre-assembled wall sections, a curving roof line, exposed beams interior and a pine roof deck.

A 16 feet X 20 feet cabin is the most popular size of Maxwell Prefab Cabin. It will cost $32 500. But if you want a bit smaller cabin, there is a 12 feet X 16 feet mid-size cabin. Its price lower and it is only $19 500.

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