Prefab Studios in Los Angeles, California by Cover


Cover brings cross-disciplinary expertise from architecture, design, software engineering, automotive manufacturing, computational physics, and professional engineering services to design and build high quality prefab studios providing a remarkably enjoyable experience in all stages of design process and many years after completion.

Prior to Cover, the team helped design and build homes with prices from $120 million for a luxury modern mansion to modest minimalist prefab studios. Over and over the team saw clients be frustrated at the low speed of designing and building progress, cost uncertainties and overruns, and people be disappointed with the unsatisfactory quality they got often at the price of homes they could afford.

These problems in design and construction process are linked and thus nearly impossible to untangle when using traditional on-site construction method, especially if client wants something modern, unique and smart-designed. Most of the time, because of the unpredictability, people end up spending more than they can afford.

Everybody deserves a better results and experience.

So, Cover has reinvented the entire architecture, design, construction, permit, services and even building materials and methods from the ground up.

What homeowners get is a stunning modern space that they will love and especially love being in, with a smart design and modern building process that homeowners will take pride in being a part of.

Cover can add prefab studio in Los Angeles, California, in homeowner's backyard. For many possible uses such as a hobby workshop, home office, in-law suite or guest bedroom, adding a prefab studio is ideal because it can provide a private, quiet space. The prefab process allows to add detached living space without disrupting usual life inside existing home – unlike a few weeks traditional design process and several month on-site construction process accompanying noise and bustle. And because prefab studios are built in a remote factory, assembly process on customer's land takes only two days.

Across California the process of permitting a detached prefab “accessory structure” which are prefab studios, is much faster than a new home, addition, or renovation. Cover will take care of all approval process for customers. The permitting typically can take 2 or 4 months. Once the company receive approval for starting building from the local zoning department, the factory can manufacture new prefab studio and install the structure within 3 month.

Since each of the prefab studios designed specifically for individual needs and unique site, the cost varies depending on the property and design.

Most of the prefab studios cost $300-400 per square foot, all inclusive.

There are all kinds of prefab spaces for any residential use: home offices, in-law suites, reading rooms, guest rooms, pool houses, granny flats, party rooms, kid play zones, painting studios, and hobby shops.


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