Small Prefab Home for Mars

MARS Cave has an internal system of recycling and reuse of energy, minimizing the environmental impact and becoming a small prefab home for Mars with zero waste.

About OPEN Architecture

There are many theories and motives that make researchers invest resources in life alternatives off planet Earth. And Mars is the main destination. Thinking about this possibility of the future, OPEN Architecture has developed a capsule to live on Mars. Entitled MARS Case, the housing prototype presents a vision of an ideal home to survive the adverse conditions of the neighboring planet.

Combining technology, product design and architecture, the small prefab home for Mars will be able to recycle heat and condensation, and from that, generate power for each internal technological device, which in turn will power the internal system again. In short: all water, air and energy will be fully reused by the system, minimizing resource consumption.

"Imagine that mankind is forced to adapt on Mars, our neighboring planet, where we can not rely on natural resources, as we are accustomed to do here on Earth, where we have no chance but to reduce our lifestyles, and only carry the minimum. Recycling will be the only way to survive", comment the architects on the initial idea of ​​the project.

As in most common science fiction, the small prefab home for Mars has a minimalist design and full integration inside it - both in the sense of home appliances working connected to mobile devices and in the internal spatial dynamics. And despite its compact size (2.40 x 2.40 x 2.00 meters), it has everything an excess-free life needs. A disruptive project, but consistent with the global thinking we have today.

The MARS Case was designed in partnership with the Xiaomi technology brand and presented at China House Vision 2018, near the Beijing National Stadium.

About OPEN Architecture

Architecture touches upon aesthetics, image, light, materiality, details, spirituality and many other things. But most important of all to us, in our era and social context, is its innovative power to transform people and the way they live, while striking a new balance between the man-made and nature.

OPEN takes on this challenge directly, emerging itself in the ample opportunities along with greatest difficulties at the same time, to test with our own vehicle, the power of Architecture and its potential being in the greatest social and environmental transformation ever in the human history to date.

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Room in Mars Base 1 in the Gobi desert, Gansu province (Wang Zhao)

Small Prefab Home for Mars