Contemporary Modular Garden Studios by Ecospace

The modular garden studious are very popular nowadays among young enthusiastic people, who want to work productive and with pleasure. Such studious have been known for almost 15 years. Nowadays, the original Ecospace studious are the example of modern architecture, the interconnection between our home and nature.
The Ecospace studious have some advantages as the extension for the house. Firstly, in the construction of such studio the modern methods and equipment are used. Also it has a fixed price and doesn`t depend on any changes on the market. The typical Ecospace studio is easy to setup – it takes only five days to create the entire construction from the blocks and screens. And, finally, you have no need to ask for some specific exempt to install the extension.

The Ecospace home extensions are innovative and creative, they are the new wave in understanding of home and working place in principle. Such modular studious are eco-friendly, and professionals use the organic materials and eco-oriented equipment in the construction of the extension. In this case the house itself works on making comfortability and creative atmosphere, because all the materials are low-maintenance and high-effective.

The kinds of modular studious vary from the ordinary workplace to garden library or even gym. And you can choose some stated configurations for the studio to create the living space for the purpose that you need. And enjoying of your new surroundings depends on the right configuration. The using of organic materials and up-to-date tools in designing and then constructing the Ecospace will help you to achieve the very goals, that you wanted to have working in this space.

As it was already mentioned, the modular studio can be built only in five days. The speed of its creation made studio one of the most popular extensions to the house for hard-working people. Its cost is fixed so you have no need to think more about tax, commission or else payments. Finally, the Ecospace home extension uphold all the standards of modern house-building to make it organic and cozy for people to live and to have a rest in.

Various materials and shapes can be used for interior and exterior to create space the most suitable for individual needs. Cabin can be made with a mezzanine space and a sloping roof. It is a perfect place to keep in touch with creative thoughts and productive work.

The gardens studious provide you different sizes, styles and colors to choose. It is the perfect solution for relax, and what is more important – for doing job, professional and productive. Such studious can be called «contemporary garden offices».

Because of different wants and needs, there are many types of studious that will be suitable for CEO of a company and for artist as well. So there is a balance between utility and creativity materialized in the house – Ecospace modular home.

Small prefab unit Ecocube was created to extend the living space of a house outdoors, especially in the garden. This cozy building can serve as an office for you to work in. Just imagine, how calm and comfortable it will be to work or to have fun with friends and gather together with your family in such a house.

The installation of this construction is easy. You should choose the right place in a garden or yard, which is more suitable for you, and estimate the entire area for it, so that it may have enough space for the construction. One of the advantages of the Ecocube is that you can place some planter boxes or even make a planted green roof to make your modular prefab home extension more eco-friendly.

The Ecocube design for living and work was firstly shown in BBC`s Homefront. The designer Diarmuid Gavid presented the great solution for people, who want to work and have a rest in a natural place.

The windows in the prefab home office are also designed to improve and modernize the basic living space. They are high-effective to save the warmth inside, and created with the help of the double-glazing technology. The material of the frame is Scandinavian pine, or we know it under the name «redwood». It looks simple and gourgeous at the same time.

Design: Ecospace
Area: up to 38 sq m

Addresses and phones

Address Ecospace Studios, 3 Iliffe Yard, London SE17 3QA, United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0)207 703 4004