Weekn’der - Modern Summer Home by Charlie Lazor

Modern summer home in the north of Wisconsin built according to prefabricated technology, which made the task to convey all necessary parts of the building across Lake Superior much easier.

Charlie Lazor, the main architect of the prefab cabin on Madeline Island in Wisconsin, chose a wash of black on his first-class work.

Outlying home, named the Weekn’der, situated in the woods of Wisconsin, but stands out of the nature background of its minimal and unique design, containing black and white colors. The house, designed by Charlie Lazor, made up of several prefab modules, supporting a central stick-built home.

Special construction, The Lario Wing, made of steel and glass sheets, which imitates and supplements the outdoor perfect nature. The Weeken’der is an ideal decision for creative minds, there souls of nature and home harmonize in inimitable way.

The Weeken’der architects created masterpiece at only 1,600 square feet. For making living area spacious, millions textures, light changing and shifting volumes with light are used. Primary construction materials are pine wood for walls and corrugated metal for roofing.

Superb design of the house includes stained plywood decorating surfaces. The interior boasts a wood-burning fireplace by Rais, a dining table by Robert Ewert Designs and high ceilings.

There is nothing superfluous, everything on the right place. The minimalist but gorgeous kitchen furnished with zinc countertops and Blu Dot counterstools. Charlie Lazor designed the interior elements around the heart in the Weeken’der.

At entrance you meet heirloom cedar screen with the height about seven feet. Surprising element creates an effect of unexpected expansion of space, but only when this decoration left behind.

Bedroom astonishes at its compact size and nearness to the nature, the part of which you becomes. You are an eyewitness of surrounding perfection every time you wake up or fall asleep. The white walls help the sun to fill the room with its light.

The main architect of amazing summer retreat at Madeline Island, Charlie Lazor, knew that the task to build the Weeken’der on Lake Superior would not be easy, as the location is not the most usual and relatively isolated. The transportation all needed equipment and materials, such as heavy concrete mixer, was more expensive, and team’s expenses were at 20 percent higher. To minimize the ecological footprint the construction was mounted on steel posts. Therefore the Week’nder concept includes ideas of environmental ethos and prefab’s tenacity against the natural elements.

Design: Charlie Lazor
Area: 1,600 square feet
Location: Madeline Island, Wisconsin, USA
Year: 2011
Photos: George Heinrich

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