Prefabricated Cabin Mini House 2.0 by Jonas Wagell and Sommarnöjen

Architect Jonas Wagell from Sweden created unique concept of prefabricated cabin at the compact plot of the land, just 160 square feet.

Wagell’s concept is realized in modules, which occupy 160 square feet, called Mini House 2.0. One of the Swedish manufacturers, Sommarnöjen, co-operated with the architect and produced modules in convenient flat package.

The homes include the deck space, where sun will not bother a residents under the shad. The construction provides everything necessary for life, including electricity and efficient insulation. And you can buy such a pleasure for about $29,000.

Small houses are produced in different layouts, which can be modified and combined to the customers’ taste. Such modules conclude living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The cabins have a concrete foundation. The huge advantage of these tiny houses is a time of installing, it takes only two days.

Despite the size, Mini House 2.0 is absolutely comfortable and safe, even if the weather is rocky.

Design: Jonas Wagell
Manufacture: Sommarnöjen
Area: 160 square feet (15 sqm)
Price: $29,000
Year: 2008
Build-up time: 1-2 days/2 pers
Preparations: foundation e.g. concrete slabs

Addresses and phones

Address Jonas Wagell Design & Architecture, Lindvallsplan 10, SE-117 36 Stockholm, Sweden